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Role of Oil-Soluble Contrast Medium Hysterosalpingography (OSCM-HSG) during the fertility work-up

Guerbet’s virtual symposium at #COGI2020

Chair: Dr. Meenakshi Choudhary (United Kingdom)

Velja Mijatovic

Pregnancy & live birth outcomes after HSG with OSCM: How does the clinical evidence impact fertility management?

by Prof. Velja Mijatovic (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

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OSCM-HSG: safety profile

by Dr. Emmeline Lee (Perth, Australia)

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Elika Kashef

UK experience: practical aspects & technical tips, fallopian tubes recanalization (FTR)

by Dr. Elika Kashef (London, UK)

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The Future of HSG: Broaden your Horizons in Fertility Management 

Guerbet’s virtual corporate session at #ESHRE2020

Chair: Miss Lisa Webber (United Kingdom)

Dr Kim Dreyer

Latest clinical evidence on oil versus water-based contrast medium for HSG: pregnancy & life birth outcomes

  • Dr. Kim Dreyer (Netherlands) 

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Pr Niel J

Focus on endometriosis-associated infertility / Oil-based contrast medium safety profile

  • Pr. Neil Johnson (New Zealand) 

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Pr Heming

How and when to use oil-based contrast medium for HSG? Practical aspects

  • Pr. Anne Hemingway (United Kingdom)

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BIR Event

Hysterosalpingography with Oil Soluble Contrast Media - An Update on Clinical Studies & Experience in the UK

by Pr. Anne Hemingway (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK)

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